Web Development & Programming Notes

Errata from a career in agile development

Web Development Reflections

In my career I have had the privilege to work as an independent services provider for many innovative corporations in a range of industries, with a particular focus on the professional personal care industry. I have architected and programmed large scale web systems featuring extensive user interfaces wrapped around large relational databases in high compliance, permission-restricted settings. My primary focus has been in content management and financial reporting systems, but I have had opportunities to work on a broad range of projects from all discplines of web and database development and interactive multimedia design.

Posts & Tutorials

The following links point to some useful resources and scripts that I've developed to help other web developers with some unusual and obscure tasks. Please note - some of these are VERY old and may be quite antiquated now! I keep them up for historical purposes, and because I get a laugh looking back at all of these trials and tribulations. It amazes me to recall the variety of challenges I have faced and the many random projects, solutions, widgets, doodads and gizmo's I have had to create in a 20+ year career in web development.