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The ukulele rings with the sounds of nature

I have been playing the ukulele for some time and I've come to really appreciate the sweet voice of this unique instrument. The following are some resources, links and inspiration for fellow uke lovers.

Chords & Lyrics Web Sites

  • Ukutabs - Far and away the best resource online for uke players- free songs, scales, guides, etc.
  • Ukulele Hunt - Many songs for uke, with nice PDF print sheets.
  • Ukulele Cheats - A large searchable collection of songs chord guides at top. Printing off this site is a bit difficult.
  • Richard G's Ukulele Songbook - A lot of work went into this site- he has arranged over 1000 songs into one page, beautifully formatted chord & lyrics sheets. Lots of hard to find songs and cool arrangements.
  • John Prine Shrine - Chords and lyrics for every John Prine Song. One of the greatest folk songwriters of the 20th century, his music makes great camp fire songs for the uke.
  • Cowboy Lyrics - Chords and lyrics for tons of country, folk, western and traditional music.
  • E-Chords - Chords and lyrics for many songs of all genres.
  • The Great Waikoloa Ukulele Festival - Great Festival! I went to Hawaii in 2017 and this happened to be going in... we went and saw some outstanding acts!
  • Ukulenny This guy is awesome! He's an amazing, gifted performer and ukulele teacher with tons of learning content and videos. Be sure to follow him on facebook, he often streams live performances such as his shows at the Oakland airport.

Recommended Books & Guides

  • Alfred Guides- I have played through most of the Beginning Ukulele, Intermediate Ukulele, and Mastering Ukulele guides from Alfred. The leader in music instruction has made an awesome series that will take you from fundamentals all the way through super advanced stuff.
  • The Daily Ukulele- These songbooks feature professionally arranged sheet music and lyrics for a year worth of songs. A good resource if you are going to play standards and take requests. My only complaint is that the books don't have much challenging material.
  • Ukulele Chord Dictionary- Good to have this resource, especially while you are still learning all the chord shapes and how to play chords up the neck.