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Video gaming from Atari to present

Gamer for life!

I grew up on the home video gaming console. From the Atari to the Amiga, to the Nintendo, Genesis, Windows PC and beyond - I lived for games since I was old enough to hold a controller. As a child of the 1980's I spent a considerable portion of my youth mashing my thumbs on a home console or better yet, at coin arcades - where a quarter would buy you ten minutes of pure adrenaline on the stand-up classics. I loved them then, and now I enjoy taking my kids for a round of mini golf and a serious visit to the arcade. Below are some of my projects related to online games, interactive entertainment, and some lists of my all time favorites.

A top-view maze game I developed with my son Dylan entirely using Javascript, SQL, and .NET

Breadth First Search (BFS)

A programming perspective on breadth first search algo that drives dungeonmaze AI & auto-pathing.

BFS Algorithm Demo

Some of my Favorites by Platform


  • River Raid
  • Pitfall
  • Stampede


  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Tetris
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
  • Kid Icarus
  • Metroid
  • Excitebike


  • Sonic
  • Herzog Zwei
  • Final Fantasy Series


  • Dungeon Master
  • Silent Service
  • Test Drive
  • FA-18 Interceptor
  • Obliterator


  • Civilization
  • Railroad Tycoon
  • Arena/Elder Scrolls
  • Dark Age of Camelot
  • Baldurs Gate
  • Warcraft
  • Starcraft
  • Star Control
  • Company of Heroes


  • Arkanoid
  • 720
  • Rampage
  • Street Fighter
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Cruisin: USA
  • Terminator:Pinball


  • Battlefield
  • Star Wars Battlefront
  • ESO