Art by Ryan Cooper

Artist Statement

The pursuit of understanding and skill in the practice and appreciation of fine art have been a cornerstone of my personal ethic and a key driver in my professional career. As a graduate of the Santa Rosa High School ArtQuest fine arts program, I was immersed in a culture of art education and appreciation. My high school education featured classes exploring the arts from all perspectives and incorporating the concept of art into all subject matter ranging from liberal art studies, mathematics with emphasis on geometry, science with emphasis on visualization, and other cross-displinary studies. I was inspired by visits to many prominent art collections and installations throughout the Northern California Bay Area from the San Fransico MoMa, DeYoung Museum, DiRosa Art Preserve and other local galleries and art collectives.

As an adult, I have traveled and sought further exploration of art to view masterworks from all periods and cultures and drawn inspiration from the incredible breadth of human expression. I have drawn influence from sculpture, textiles, artifacts and artworks from many diverse societies and movements including pre-biblical Egypt, dynastic China and shogunate Japan, the kingdom of Mali, and Russian modernism, Bauhaus and architectural brutalism. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to view works from masters such as El Greco and Rembrandt, and to appreciate stunning displays of the impressionists: Monet's lily pads, Van Gogh's bucolic countrysides, and the sculptural masterpieces of Degas & Rodin and others up close.

In my own style I have tried to draw from all these genres and influences, aiming to incorporate the conceptual space and tonality of impressionism, flow and movement of expressionism, and the formalism and literality of classic period art, with it's emphasis on anatomical accuracy, visual depth, and dramatic composition and layout. It is also impossible to deny the influence of modern era art including comic and graphic / commercial art from the comics and graphic novels of such illustrators as Moebius, Frank Miller, Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld, and Sam Kieth, and the typesetting, contrast, line and movement of movie and rock'n'roll poster art. I also have been drawn to dramatic exploration of dimensional geometries in art from the mind-bending cubism of Picasso to the outright geometrics of Mondrian as they devolve into a post industrial primal scream embodied by modern abstract expressionism, in the varying free forms of Kandinsky, Pollock, Escher, Dali, de Kooning, DeFeo, and others. I embrace the use of art as a bridge between the real and the imagined; a melding of exacting form and chaotic entropy.

Desolation Tree

Half Dome


Spectral Owl

Jeep at Lone Tree

WC53 at Beaver Pond



PT Boats on Patrol


Pliny Drinking Pliny