About Ryan

The man before the .com

Ryan J. Cooper

I'm a full-time technology executive and dotnet programmer at agile development firm E-laborative Technologies Ltd., which I founded along with two partners in 2002.

Management and Administrative:

  • 20+ years of small business management and strategic planning in internet and software development trades.
  • Successful sale and execution of dozens of large scale project plans from pitch to delivery.
  • Developed long-term partnerships as a data processor, analyst, and controller for multiple publically traded companies
  • Management of web systems and databases for global product distribution and control networks.
  • Developed multi-national education and sales force automation for major companies in the professional beauty industry.
  • Project planning and digital transformation services in the agile web development methodology.

Programming & Development Proficiencies:

  • HarvardX Data Science Professional Certificate
  • BrainBench certified internet professional (BCIP) - web developer job role. Master-level certification in ASP.NET and certifications in all key technologies.
  • Advanced .NET software and web development skills including efficient creation of web applications, windows forms, services, and console applications using ASP.NET languages (C#/VB).
  • Mobile development for the web feature sets including responsive template designs, CSS media queries, jquery mobile site development, integration with Twilio API's for SMS and VOIP features, and development of Android/iPhone applications.
  • Proficient in software development, project planning, execution, and QA as well as legacy systems migration, debugging and testing.
  • Dynamic graphics, including development of sophisticated GDI+ image manipulation, compositing, and generation for the web.
  • SQL and ODBC concepts, with the ability to conceptualize and create large-scale normalized databases with stored procedures, indexes, constraints, triggers, views and other advanced SQL features.
  • HTML5/CSS3 programming frameworks. Highly developed multimedia programming skills utilizing all available constructs.
  • XML, JSON, and API-related concepts, including experience in developing data middle layers and secure data exchange systems using entity framework.
  • Experience with Google APIs, public data sources, exchange rate data, census data, weather data, payment gateways including authorize.net, paymentech, USAepay, and paypal. .NET components including websupergoo, Telerik, PeterBlum, etc.
  • Data security strategies and cryptography methods to ensure bulletproof, multi-layered security from client to source.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) including Leaflet, ARCGis, Google and MapQuest API's, bulk geocoding, mapping and distance plotting, IP-based location fraud prevention, and integration strategies.
  • Familiar with Data Science frameworks including R and related packages including leaflet, tinyverse, tinycensus, etc.
  • Multi-employee scheduling, calendaring, task management, resource conflict detection, online booking interfaces, high-volume event / seminar course management and attendance tracking, automated billing and reminder systems and other time-related systems.
  • Financial systems integration and development of reporting, product tracking and expense management features
  • Language variance, localization, currency conversion and exchange rate issues
  • Text and log file parsing and data wrangling techniques including prolific use of regular expressions
  • cURL API interactions, JSON Deserialization techniques in .NET.
  • node.js javascript web server setup & implementation
  • A determined and experienced coder who will never give up on a challenge or bug fix

Technology & Network Administration:

  • Aptitude in computer operations - PC, Mac, UNIX/LINUX and Amiga/Commodore computing platforms.
  • DNS, IIS, Task Scheduler, Services, COM+ and related technologies for effective server and network administration.
  • Solid understanding of Web Security & PErformance Needs including CDN technologies, WAF's, Storage Networks, Firewalls, VPN's and cloud based web services (Rackspace, Azure, CloudFlare, etc).
  • Management of email server technologies and SMTP relays, employing junk mail filtering, virus detection, and other advanced features.
  • Hosting of 1000's of concurrent web site IIS instances, as a DNS and MX host and Domain Reseller
  • Text messaging and Interactive voice response systems (Twilio/Tropo)
  • FCC Licensed radio operator & owner of General Mobile (GMRS) & Civilian Band (CB) radio systems.

Graphic Design & Creative:

  • BrainBench certified internet professional (BCIP) - Web Designer job role with a master-level certification in Photoshop and Flash, and certifications in all related technologies.
  • Graphic design, ad design, digital animation, page layouts and freehand drawing for output to internet or print.
  • UX design principles, techniques, and theories pertaining to website development and srchitecture
  • Graduate of ArtQuest Fine Arts program. 

Multimedia Production & Development:

  • Streaming video systems development
  • Digital rights-management (DRM) systems for distribution of audio-video content via windows media server.
  • Production of screen capture video help systems, voice narration and post production effects
  • Knowledge of advanced digital video concepts including compatibility, codecs, formatting issues, bandwidth mitigation, conversion, and encoding best practices.
  • Video production, editing, and mastering, live event audio setup and recording, and entertainment event production and management.
  • CD production/replication, packaging design, and delivery methods.
  • Operational experience with Rimage direct-to-disc automated publishing systems and robotic hardware.

Project Management & Communications:

  • Successfully sold and established high-value contracts and built meaningful long-term relationships with decision makers at global companies from manufacturing, distribution, finance, engineering, print media and high-technology sectors.
  • Public speaker and meeting facilitator. Conducted many in-person presentations and online webinars to large user groups, held ongoing technical briefs with executives, corporate boards and project management teams.
  • History of direct hourly billing on time & materials retainer basis for technical projects. Meticulous and consistent timekeeping for revenue-generating technical consulting projects and development billings.
  • Technical communication and support skills.

Mathematics Proficiencies:

  • Business analytics, optimization, data visualization, and theoretical and applied data science.
  • Expertise in finite mathematics, matrix operations, optimization & set theory.
  • Applied financial formulas for interest, present value, annuities, sinking funds, amortization, payment schedules.
  • Accounting formulas and understanding of corporate finance concepts.
  • Probability theory & bayesian statistical analysis.
  • Multi-variate inference & regression modeling strategies.
  • Algorithm design & optimization .
  • Machine learning, classification & prediction systems.
  • Investment strategies & portfolio management experience including equities, options, forex and crypto.

Scientific Proficiencies:

  • Expertise in geological sciences including mineralogy, volcanism, petrology, stratigraphy, & natural disasters.
  • Knowledgable in all earth & space sciences, with an associates degree in natural sciences.
  • Curator of an online museum containing thousands of mineral, rock & fossil specimens.


  • Brainbench Certified Internet Professional (BCIP) Web Developer Job Role (2004)
    Included: ASP.NET, RDBMS, Javascript, HTML, Accessibility, etc.
  • Brainbench Certified Internet Professional (BCIP) Web Designer Job Role (2004)
    Included: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, E-Commerce, Flash, etc.
  • HarvardX - Data Science - Professional Certificate (9 Courses)
  • INFOSEC - OWASP Top 10 - 2021 Specialization (3 Courses)
  • INFOSEC - Cybersecurity Foundations Specialization (3 Courses)
  • INFOSEC - JavaScript Security Specialization (4 Courses)
  • Johns Hopkins Epidemiology in Public Health Practice Specialization - Professional Certificate (5 Courses)
  • ServSafe Certification in Food Handling / Sanitation & Food Safety Course Completion.

State/Federal Licenses:

  • Licensed Hunter
  • Licensed Angler
  • FCC Radio Station License - Class ZA

Professional Associations, Organizations, & Group Memberships:

  • Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society
  • International Webmasters Association
  • Data Science Association
  • American Community Survey Data Users Group
  • Santa Rosa Mineral & Gem Society