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Online Resume : Objectives & Qualifications

Ryan Cooper
E-mail: [email protected]

Professional Objective:

To further my career in web-based multimedia software development through carefully selected and planned projects and development initiatives.

Qualifications Summary:

Management and Administrative:

  • 20+ years of small business management and strategic planning specific to the internet and software development trades.
  • Successful sale and execution of dozens of large scale project plans from strategy to delivery.
  • Developed long-term partnerships as a Data Processor & Controller for multiple Fortune 500 companies.
  • Meticulous management of web systems and databases for manufacturers and distributors with billions in annual sales via vast distribution networks to thousands of retail locations worldwide.
  • Complete understanding of project planning and execution in the "agile web development" methodology.
  • In-depth knowledge of business development, tax strategies and capital management in the realm of web site hosting, development, maintenence and support .

Programming & Development:

  • I am a BCIP (BrainBench certified internet professional) for the web developer job role. I have a master-level certification in ASP.NET and certifications in all adjunct technologies.
  • Advanced .NET software and web development skills including the efficient creation of web applications, windows forms, services, and console applications using VB.NET and C# programming languages, as well as ASP.NET web application development.
  • Successful implementation of extensive mobile feature sets including responsive template designs, CSS media queries, jquery mobile site development, integration with Twilio API's for SMS and VOIP features, and development of Android/iPhone Applications.
  • Proficient in complex software development, project planning, execution, and QA as well as legacy systems migration, debugging and testing.
  • In-depth understanding of programming concepts related to dynamic graphics, including development of sophisticated GDI+ image manipulation, compositing, and generation for the web.
  • Extensive background in SQL and ODBC concepts, with the ability to conceptualize and create large-scale normalized databases with stored procedures, indexes, constraints, triggers, views and other advanced SQL features.
  • Expert in HTML5 advanced programming and interactivity. Highly developed multimedia programming skills utilizing all avaialable constructs.
  • Strong grasp of XML, JSON, and API-related concepts, including experience in developing data middle layers and secure data exchange sytstems.
  • Well versed in the use of third party components and technologies including Google APIs, public data sources, exchange rate data, census data, weather data, payment gateways including, paymentech, usaepay, and paypal. Intricate knowledge of industry leading .NET components including UI, UX, and data connectivity systems.
  • Proven track record of excellence in web site security issues. I have developed sites with very high security requirements. I have developed use-specific data security strategies and cryptography methods to ensure bulletproof, multi-layered security from system to source.
  • Background in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) including bulk geocoding, mapping and distance plotting, IP-based locational fraud prevention, and integration strategies with major online GIS components.
  • Familiar with Data Science frameworks including R and related packages including leaflet, tinyverse, tinycensus, etc.
  • Extensive background in complex timekeeping data systems over varying time zones. Developed services involving multi-layered scheduling, calendaring, task management, resource conflict detection, online booking interfaces, high-volume event / seminar course management and attendance tracking, automated billing and reminder systems and other time-related systems.
  • Financial systems integration and development of reporting, product tracking and expense management features for corporations in enhanced security environments. I have developed XML and direct-data integrations with corporate ERP systems including AXAPTA and Oracle Platforms.
  • Understanding of international data system requirements including language variance, localization, currency conversion and exchange rate issues with a strong focus on data accuracy and forensics for large scale data systems.
  • Significant knowledge of text and log file parsing and data wrangling techniques including use of regular expressions and class.
  • Successful development track record using cURL API interactions and JSON Deserialization techniques in .NET.
  • Highly developed skills in hand-coding HTML, DHTML, VBScript, and JavaScript; proficient in all related IDE's.

Technology & Network Administration:

  • Aptitude in computer operations, networking, and security; installation, operation and troubleshooting of software on DOS, Win3.x, Win NT, 95, 98, 2000, XP, 7, 10 and Mac OS 8+ operating systems.
  • Thorough understanding of DNS, IIS, SQL and related technologies for effective server and network administration.
  • Sucessful management of email server technologies employing junk mail filtering, virus detection, and other advanced features.
  • Proven track record in managing and supporting hundreds of web sites with domain names, email & advanced hosting services.
  • Familiar with all remote system access tools and technologies including Virtual Terminal, Remote Desktop, PCAnywhere, and web conferencing products including GoToMeeting, Skype, Zoom, & WebEx.
  • Experience in all types of web connectivity, including Dial-Up, DSL, Cable, Radio Tower and Satellite Broadband, T1, T3, etc. I have set up and configured wireless networks, VOIP, and other cutting-edge networking technologies.

Graphic Design & Creative:

  • I am a BCIP (BrainBench certified internet professional) for the Web Designer job role with a master-level certification in Photoshop and Flash, and certifications in all related technologies.
  • Outstanding skills in graphic design, advertisement design, digital animation, page layouts and freehand drawing for output to internet or print.
  • Expertise in use of all essential website and graphic design software, and a fundamental understanding of design principles, techniques, and theories pertaining to website development and multimedia graphics.
  • I employ creative methods in all of my programing based on my background in the arts. This is one of my most valuable traits- the ability to approach a programming task from a design perspective.
  • Graduate of the award winning ArtQuest Fine Arts program with successful advanced college placement. 

Multimedia Production & Development:

  • In-depth experience in embedding and streaming all major video formats and technologies for use with the web including windows media, flash, quicktime, and real player.
  • Implemented highly integrated DRM systems for distribution of digital rights-managed (DRM) audio-video content via windows media server.
  • Extensive experience in production of screen capture video help systems including unscripted and scripted real-time voice narration and post production effects such as titles, callouts and zooms.
  • Real-world knowledge of advanced digital video concepts including compatibility, codecs, formatting issues, bandwidth mitigation, conversion, and encoding best practices.
  • Background in video production, editing, and mastering, live event audio setup and recording, and entertainment event production and management.
  • Hands-on expertience in the production process for creating deliverable digital media including cd duplication , replication, packaging design, and delivery methods.
  • Operational experience with Rimage direct-to-disc automated publishing systems and robotic hardware.

Project Management & Communications:

  • As lead technical sales representative for E-laborative Technologies Ltd., I have successfully sold and established high-value contracts and built meaningful long-term relationships with decision makers at global companies from manufacturing, distribution, finance, engineering, print media and high-technology sectors.
  • I am a competent public speaker, and meeting facilitator; I have given in person presentations and online webinars to large user groups, held ongoing technical briefs with high-level executives and project management teams, and narrated and recorded user video help systems.
  • I employ well-developed time management skills to define priorities and meet deadlines, and handle multiple tasks successfully.
  • Exceptional technical communication and support skills. The ability to interpret and explain complex and technical issues with patience and precision, in person or on the phone.

Official Certifications:

  • I am a Brainbench Certified Internet Professional (BCIP) for both the Web Designer and Web Developer Job Roles. This comprehensive certification program covered all aspects of knowledge required to work effectively as a web developer and designer. Note: As of 2019, These certifications have "expired", BrainBench removes them after only 3 years.



Associate in Sciences Degree (A.S.)
Major: Natural Sciences
Santa Rosa Junior College: Santa Rosa, Ca
Graduated with Highest Honors

Graduated High School
In "Art Quest," an advanced program for graphics and fine arts.
Santa Rosa High School: Santa Rosa, Ca

Personal Character:

I am a responsible, self-motivated individual, devoted to the improvement and enhancement of my artistic and technical skills through discipline, problem-solving and creativity. I endeavor to utilize and understand new technology, and to produce efficiently and effectively with all available tools.